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Industries Using CerarMix

Pulp and Paper Mills

Chemical Process

Power Plants (FGD / Bottom Ash)


Waste Water Treatment


  • Pipe liner will not delaminate
  • Better abrasion resistance than stainless steel
  • Better abrasion resistance than silicon carbide/resin materials
  • Reflects 98% incident heat
  • Abrasion resistance comparable to 2205 Duplex SS
  • Outstanding weight to strength ratio.

Process Environments

  • Acid Slurries
  • Caustic Slurries
  • Tailings Transfer
  • Mix tanks (Counter Current Decantation/Thickening, Lime Stone Slurry)
  • Piping Corrosive and Non-corrosive liquids at high velocities
  • Saturated Brine Tanks and Piping
  • Wood Chip pipelines (Blown)
  • High Temperature Corrosives
  • Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD)
  • Coating for wear plates


CERARMIXTM is a unique Composite Technology that provides abrasion, corrosion, and erosion protection.

CERARMIXTM is an excellent lining material when used to fabricate FRP tanks, pipes, & fittings.

CERARMIXTM is applied to a pipe mandrel during manufacturing or can be applied Insitu

CERARMIXTM creates a monolithic void-free liner with superior abrasion resistance.